Преглед на симулатор "Live for Speed"


Жанр: Автомобили

Година: Unreleased

Издател: LFS Team

Линкове за сваляне: zamunda.net, arenabg.com

Трейлър: youtube.com

Коментари: forum.listovkite.com

Live for Speed is a game that shows that even three very intelligent people can make a game that is better than a game produced and designed by thousands. Live for Speed is a racing game based on the most precise realism and the best possible physics. Currently in the S2 stage which has a great variety of new features, from new cars and tracks to new ways to tune your car. Also featured in the newest release is a damage model and tire wear.

There isn't much of a story based around this game and with the rest of the things that make this game a great choice, there does not need to be.

Sound: 8/10

The sound is done nicely, the squealing of tires and the roar of your engine sound like they should. Music is not much of a feature in this game, there is music you can play but it is sub-par and you usually are not listening to it, anyway. Another realistic feature is the way when you are driving in cockpit view(where you will be spending most of your time), your engine is muffled and it depends on the location of your engine how the frequency of the sound is. Very nice touch. The sound is overall pretty good.

Control: 10/10

The best way to play this game is with a force-feedback wheel to get the best effect of the game, but you can also play with your keyboard or your mouse. Keyboard is not a good choice, because it is very hard to control.. Each car has very distinct handling, front wheel drive cars understeer and rear wheel drives will have the tendency to be touchy and slide. Your car can be tuned from everything from suspension height and damping to your camber angles and each little change can greatly affect the handling of your car. The cars can be very touchy, but that is expected. Control is where the game especially shines.

Gameplay: 9/10

You can choose to play single player, either alone or with a group of AI to stir things up, or you can go online and play with people around the world. Servers are set up and the host can choose the track and other settings. You can race about or you can simply talk with other people. This game wouldn't be nearly as popular without this online feature.

Vehicles(Sub category)

Vehicles(Which are fictional and unlicensed) range from your simple front wheel drive cars, such as a Mini-Cooper like car and a Civic to some F1 cars. You have your rear-wheel drive RX7-like car and turbocharged version. There is a go-kart with a turbocharged engine that is very fun to drive on twisty tracks. For more experienced players there is a LX4 and LX8 which are like the Lotus Super Sevens and are very fast and touchy to drive. You have a four-wheel-drive car for good rallycrossing, and now in S2 there is "GTR" versions of some of the cars that have been tuned to racing-spec and can be very, very fast. The wide variety of cars are great fun. You can tune every aspect of your car from your suspension to your transmission ratios. Even possible is to change the amount of people in your car for a different weight distribution. It is the deepest performance tuning I have ever seen in a game.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics on this game are superb, very nicely done tracks and great scenery. A good damage model, although it is just a simple morphing of the vehicle's body, is followed up by bent axles and other internal problems. There is a good, sunny sky along with other types of weather, all looking very realistic. The tarmac looks the way it is supposed to in real life, dust and dirt is flung up from your car on rallycross courses and the occasional romp off-track. It is especially amazing for a game made by just three people.

Overall: 9/10

Live for Speed is well worth the money you pay to get the full version for. But, if you do not want to pay, you can still play the demo version with the Blackwood track and the carpark along with three cars. Online is still available either way. On the full version of S2 there are 18 cars and 8 tracks with over 40 configurations overall, including reverse versions. This game just shows how well a game can be made if you have the skill. Overall it is just a very well done game with many different things to do for hours of enjoyment.

I suggest that you go to http://www.liveforspeed.net to at least try out the demo version of the game, even the demo is a good play. You can buy the game directly online. Make sure that you look at the screenshots for an example of the great graphics. It is sure to give you hours and hours of fun and many won races with your friends online.