Преглед на симулатор "4x4 EVO"


Жанр: Offroad

Година: 2000

Издател: Terminal Reality

Линкове за сваляне: zamunda.net

Трейлър: youtube.com

Коментари: forum.listovkite.com

Get your motor running because the highway isn't the only place you'll be putting peddle to the metal.

With 4x4 Evo (short for Evolution), the action is strictly 4x4 vehicles roaring down highways and byways in lap races. For a little diversion, try the motocross course, or the ice-slickened Alaska race. And if you happen to be racing down the highway and miss a checkpoint, no problem. Just head up the side of that foothill and bound over the top, right back to the checkpoint missed. A direction arrow at the top of the screen will show you the way to go, although you can get rid of it if you want the action to be a little more realistic.

Terminal Reality developed this product for the Gathering of Developers. Graphically this game is very good, though it does look a lot like Microsoft's Monster Truck Madness. And the sound quality is also very good. This program overlooks very little in the audio department. You may spin off the road and throw up some rocks, which you will hear clicking against the undercarriage of your selected vehicle.

There are 24 4x4s you can choose from, and most are set up like you would find them on the showroom floor. The trick comes in customizing the vehicle for the cycle of races over 16 courses. There are some minor changes you can affect immediately, like vehicle color, but if you want to really soup up that vehicle, you're going to need to win some money.

And therein lies the true charm, and to some extent pain, of this game. 4x4 Evo requires you to be connected to your ISP in order to play. If you try to boot the game without the connection, you will get into a cycle of error messages that can only be halted through a hard shutdown of your computer. If the connection is in place, you will launch the game without any problems. That is the pain - now the charm. The Internet connection allows for cross-platform playing. The game has been built for the Sega Dreamcast, PC and Macintosh. Connect and launch the program and you can go head-to-head with players using any of the other platforms.

Winning races earns you the money to upgrade your vehicle. You can work on the suspension, exhaust, or even purchase some heavy-duty off-road tires.

Every little bit helps.

The options package is quite good, allowing you to set up the resolution for the highest, most dynamic 32-bit graphical elements possible. However, the higher you boost the resolution, and kick up other elements to their highest settings, the slower the game goes. After experimenting with various screen settings, it was found that adding elements did improve the graphics slightly, but detracted from the game play. Forget Mip mapping and texture detail. The default settings worked just fine and presented a fast-paced program. There are several camera angles which can be employed - including the driver's seat, close to the back bumper and a little more distant from the back bumper. There is some fault with some of the graphical elements. In the Alaska setting, you miss the ramp for the ship and the realistic slide-back will put you in the water. There is a fault here. Rather than resetting the game, you have to figure out a way to navigate under water. Highly unlikely.

The game also supports a variety of controllers, from keyboard to game pad and wheel. There are three difficulty levels, beginning with the rookie class where you don't have to do much more than drive.

4x4 Evo is a solid racing program. Great attention has been paid to the details of off-road racing, and you can enjoy every jolt and bump from a driver's perspective. This program breaks new ground in multi-platform gaming, and supports that with a game that is easy to jump right into the driver's seat and play.

This program not only supports multiplayer gaming, but it encourages it.